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Early on in  Savilla’s childhood, and while spending a lot of time playing alone in the adobe hills under the beautiful blue sky of western Colorado, she began to hear melodies singing through her mind. At this early age she discovered she could express her feelings (hurts and happiness) through music, and she shared all her new compositions with a captive audience that included horses, eagles, hawks, songbirds, cows, sheep, dogs, kittens, coyotes, frogs, crickets and sister’s and brother.

Raised in a conservative religious environment, most popular music and films did not fit into her family’s lifestyle at that time. Once in a while traveling with her grandparents she was able to listen to some “Oldies” and Country music. She was home-schooled during those youthful years and didn’t attend social events that expressed and promoted “Pop” culture. During these pre-teen years she dreamed of someday being able to play and sing her songs for people everywhere; but, she could not help but feel her fantasies were unrealistic, considering her childhood upbringing and circumstances.

Over the past years Savilla has progressed immensely in every aspect of her musical talents and has composed a collection of wonderful songs both by herself and in collaboration with Dik. She is busy working in the studio on her new compositions that span many genres of music (pop, pop/alt & rock, country, dance, R&B, folk, musicals & classical). She loves to perform, sing and write in a wide variety of music styles. That’s understandable given that Savilla grew up in a culture of youth that creates their own “mix” or playlists of music online.

Savilla, as an independent artist, sings lead, background vocals and plays piano on her single entitled “Here We Go.”  Savilla’s alternative pop music style can be viewed on You Tube and downloaded here and on ITunes.





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